Imagine you have created the most revolutionary technology of the decade… and someone’s greed for it becomes the cause of your best friend’s cold-blooded murder and your son’s kidnapping.
Experience the story of Shaina Desai, who finds herself in the middle of a sinister plot to steal her prized invention, which happens to be the principal subject of valuation for a multi-million dollar cross-border investment in what could be termed as one of the most brutal attempts at intellectual property theft in the history of corporate India.

Will she be forced to give up her dream to save her son’s life? Or will she lose him to the ruthless kidnappers?

A tale of professional pride and the heart-breaking choices forced upon the individual, of love and betrayal, and the dark games ruthlessly played in the corporate world, under the veneer of professional ethics…


"This book is totally riveting and different from the regular books with a strong story, gripping narration, and unpredictable twist. If you love great books, then I strongly recommend this to you."

- Halo of Books (blog)

"Full of secrets and plot twists...An impressive corporate thriller with an unguessable climax! Hard to believe that it is the author's debut! Must-buy! This one is a crime fiction lover's paradise!"

- Priyanka Tyagi (Amazon reviewer)

"Really loved the fast-paced writing, the final suspense was totally unexpected. Decided to add some copies for other family members."

- Kapil Ahuja (Amazon reviewer)